Our values


Naudet places human factor at the core of its operations so that we may offer professional excellence in all our actions.


Business ethics: naudet is committed to an audit approach to business ethics using the services of a well known partner in the field. Thus we are able to include the best business practices by taking into account local legislation, such as the FCPA in the USA or the Bribery Act in Great Britain. Naudet is conscious of its social commitments and has been members of the UN Global Compact Program since 2011.


We attach prime importance to la maintaining confidentiality in all our work. As a privileged partner in the claims settlement process, we are committed to maintaining the strictest rules in relation to confidentiality of industrial processes and know-how.

As a trusted partner in the resolution of claims, we provide both technical and financial advice throughout the world to:

- Insurance and reinsurance companies in the settlement of their claims under the brand Naudet.
- Industry, in carrying out investigations into accidents, researching causes of losses and in assisting in the resolution of litigation under the brand Ndtforensics.

Intent on finding new solutions, we have sought the finest tools available, such as project management, the ISHIKAWA 6M diagram into researching into causes, reverse engineering methods and the use of computer operated systems from 3D scanners, CAD Solidworks softwear, 3D printed maquettes.

It is our ambition to offer you the best possible service.

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50 / 60
gender equality index
7 Bn €
of regulations / year


Two pronged approach to quality: :
Sharing information and working as a team we ensure that each member can benefit from the best of naudet a’s know-how. On major losses we form a commission which brings together members of management, technical advisers from our technical services and a senior adjuster who is not directly involved in the case. The goal of the commission is to check to see whether the means used are well adapted to the case both from a financial and technical viewpoint.
Identifying and retracing all complaints to provide worthwhile answers, and if required, to correct our procedures.
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