At a stage where numerical calculation exceeds human capabilities, Naudet has been committed for several years to mastering the best calculation and 3D numerical simulation tools in order to understand and analyse complex situations.

Our experience feedback confirms this choice. We even find that numerical simulation often allows us to conclude where traditional methods reach their limits:

  • Inability to reconstruct the event due to its magnitude, dangerousness, or cost;
  • Demonstration of causality between a nonconformity underlying the plaintiff’s claim, and the alleged damages ;
  • When time is limited, simulations are counted in days, whereas traditional tests are counted in weeks or even months;

Moreover, the results of numerical simulations are understandable by all, and are not reserved only for technical insiders.

These are the reasons why Naudet has structured in-house a department dedicated to calculation and 3D digital simulation, which is dedicated to supporting your complex claims