Product recall

Globalization requires industrial leaders to market their products over all 5 continents and to cover every type of activity.

When businessmen are confronted with a major risk that has immediate implications on the customer and on the consumer, then a recall plan has to be put into operation. The business is faced with an enormous challenge on two counts, protecting their image and sorting out the whereabouts of the defective products held by their clients. This can be a very complex issue.

Naudet‘s experience in the claims field covering both the technical and financial aspects of auditing product recalls enables us to set up reporting methods from the start that provide a dedicated tool in the surveillance of the costs involved.

In addition we are able to rely on help from the Charles Taylor Adjusting international network to provide a detailed coverage of the whole of the exercise throughout the world and operate specific management of the operation using a team adapted to the case.

Based on our experience we are able to manage an incident and to track all the costs involved in products recall. By so doing we are in a position to identify and trace the products. The loss account is then audited by our team of specialists. In addition to this we examine the recovery opportunities against a third party.