With solid technical expertise, NaudetĀ is able to intervene on any type of disaster in the nuclear sector.

The main sectors are:

  • Nuclear Reactors (PWR pressurized water) which provide power generation;
  • The testing of nuclear reactors;
  • Naval Nuclear Propulsion (nuclear boilers fitted onboard aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines);
  • Non-Destructive Testing (radiography) and the controls of manufacturing processes (from the radiation emitted by a radioactive source sealed or unsealed);

Risks associated with nuclear energy are mainly irradiation and radioactive contamination. Beyond the inherent risk of nuclear industrial applications, management of the upstream fuel cycle (mining, production) and downstream (transport and storage of nuclear waste) are also risks.

Our knowledge of the particularities and constraints of the industry allows us to effectively process claims and identify early on the context and economic issues. We have specialized experts (including an engineer from the French Atomic Engineering sector) and all the security clearances required for the defense industry.