A wide experience has been gained in maritime losses. NaudetĀ handles claims in a variety of sectors:

  • Merchant shipping (commercial vessels, fishing vessels);
  • Pleasure craft and boating;
  • Port facilities;
  • warships;
  • inland waterway vessels.

Our knowledge covers nautical equipment and specific installations, hull, engines, energy production, auxiliary engines, mooring facilities, port handling, rigging, boat fittings, and goods in transit when we involve our financial section.

Underwriters are able to benefit from the knowledge we have in the specific needs and demands in these sectors of activity. Our adjusters can gauge the relevant aspects that are pertinent to the claim whether they are of a technical or financial nature and that can affect the outcome of a claim.

In collaborating with Charles Taylor Adjusting, we are able to offer worldwide cover and provide a rapid reaction time when managing claims.