Naudet, has a team of 15 financial experts who have a sound knowledge and expertise in the management of the financial aspects of a wide range of industries, i.e. engineering, retail distribution, service industries, inside France and overseas.

Claims are managed through our project management system which is based on bringing together a multidisciplinary team composed of technically qualified specialists associated with a financial expert in order to have optimum control over the problems that may occur when managing a large claim project.

Our project management problems solving, covers the following sectors:

    • Stock, raw materials, finished goods, work in progress;
    • Business interruption, consequential losses;
    • Default by clients, suppliers,interdependence;
    • Hindrance of access;
    • Fraud;
    • Economic losses;
    • Loss in market value;
    • Financial losses under common law.

The constant use of the management tools used in international companies means that we can communicate easily with the insured and provide a climate of trust. This enables a rapid appraisal on the extent of a loss.