Naudet is able to respond to all types of major claims in the construction industry ; a sector in constant evolution both from a technical viewpoint and in the regulatory constraints: :

  • Claims on technically complex civil engineering projects; bridges, civil engineering structures, foundations and underground workings, marine projects etc. These type of claims also include the need to make the structures safe and to draw up a schedule of the works needed to carry out the complex repairs involved.
  • Complex building, claims due to the number of specialist trades involved: main structural works and second fix, key technical systems, low and high voltage, fire detection etc. These claims require the use of a multi-disciplinary team.

Whether the claim requires a particular specialized profession or, on the other hand it requires a wide range of technical skills, Naudet is able to provide you with the skills required and via their international network, can ensure the management of claims for all types of policies:

  • Flooding, landslide, earthquakes
  • Fire, explosion
  • Building collapse, cracking, reinforced concrete failure
  • Material damage, structural damage
  • Contractors All Risks, Erection All Risks
  • Liability, Ten Year construction liability cover